Recommendations posted on my LinkedIn profile

The following recommendations were posted by LinkedIn members on my
LinkedIn profile. The first comes from a solicitor and former specialist in academic writing:–

“Chris has worked with me at a number of stages in my career history - both consulting around career decisions and directions, and drafting application letters and of course CVs.
“His CVs are, frankly, second-to-none. He has a remarkable ability to interrogate your history, extract the most relevant features, and condense it into a form that is clear and persuasive for the purpose. As well, he has a keen sense of the psychology of recruitment, and an obsessive regard for presentation and detail. These things matter, hugely.
“Chris has highly developed language skills. Clear, concise and precise language is vital - and rare. As a fellow word-nerd, I've often enjoyed collaborating with him over those minute, perfectionist decisions you have to make when crafting text. Those decisions make the difference between good and "good enough". Combined with his critical, detached eye on how you will be perceived, Chris's skills as a writer make him a unique talent.
“He can be brutally frank at times, but that's actually what you need from someone in your corner. Job searching and career decisions - these can be lonely and difficult times. Chris has been a real help to me when I've needed it.”

Here’s an excerpt from the recommendation of a conservation biologist who manages an ecological restoration project:–

“Chris' work on my CVs and job applications directly resulted in interviews that got me dream jobs. Without a doubt Chris' work, and career advice, were the best investments I have ever made in my career.”

The following excerpts come from the recommendation of a client with a portfolio career — first, as a CV/career consultant herself and former CEO of a not-for-profit in the employment sector, and second, as a flax weaving tutor and author of books on flax weaving:–

“I have had several CVs prepared by Chris as my career has developed … for both strands of my portfolio career — in the employment industry and craft work — and I’ve found working with him to be invaluable, not only because I’ve received excellent CVs but also because of the practical advice and suggestions he has given me that have helped me to clarify my career goals.”

This excerpt comes from a recommendation by the general manager of a foodservice

“I have had the pleasure of working with Chris over a number of years. His career advice has been second to none, the best investment I could have made. Time and money very well spent. Chris is a master craftsman of the written word…”

Reviews posted on Google Maps

The following is the most informative of the reviews on my listing on Google Maps:–

“Chris is a true professional. He will speak to you at length, draw out the very best of you, and put it to page. The results are spectacular. Using a Chris Eilers CV, I managed to get 8 interviews in the space of 2 months (and eventually a job) in the highly competitive solicitor job market. He also helps with drafting cover letters. I would highly recommend Chris' services to anyone at a crossroads in their career, or for anyone looking for an edge in the job hunt.”

Other assessments

The following is excerpted from an email that a client sent me during his application for the role of Staff Development Specialist with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA):–

“They have created a short list of three from just over 3,000 applicants. If I go no further in the selection process it is still a great compliment and a great compliment to yourself. I encourage you and authorise you to use my example when marketing your skills. Two others with similar backgrounds to myself (friends of mine) had applied and had no response, not even that first letter.”

Later, when my client gained the position, he wrote:–

“I’ve been in Vienna two weeks now … From what inquiries I made it appears your work was a major component in ensuring my interview. Further to this, the discussions prior to the interview were ideal in preparing me for that interview … Do use this email as a reference.”

It’s perhaps notable that my client — a former Field Psychologist in the NZ armed forces, a former Recruitment Consultant in an executive recruitment agency, and a professional CV writer himself in his role as Staff Development Specialist — chose to update his CV with me after his 5-year stint (which is the normal length of employment at IAEA).

The following comments were made by the mother of one of my clients in 2017, after she read the CV I’d just prepared for him:–

“Read through the CV. It is full of mastery. If you had given Chris a pack of cards
he would create the highest of all towers with it. He has extracted the 'essence' of you. It is so authentic of you. He has shown exactly who you are, the depth and breadth of you - not just blah-blah qualifications. Can’t get over it, he has shown SO much in so few words. I am stunned and in awe, he has extracted from the bottom of the mineshaft up to the surface.”

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