CV/resumé examples


My thanks go to the clients below for permission to host their expired
CVs/resumés as examples of my work.

Multi-page CVs

  Corporate business manager
Employment target: Consultancy or short-term contract work.
  Senior-level project manager
Employment target: Senior-level project management role.
  Corporate sales manager
Employment target: Corporate sales management role.
  Conservation biologist (CV, publications list and application-specific submission)
Employment target: Senior Conservation Officer in Australia.

Single-page CVs/resumés

Employment target: Golf Course Manager in the United Kingdom.
  Early education teacher
Employment target: Early education teaching position in the United Kingdom.
  Forestry science graduate
Employment target: Sustainable Resources Officer in Australia.
  Residential property manager
Employment target: Senior residential property management role.
  Part-time flight instructor
Employment target: Full-time position as a flight instructor.
  University student
Employment target: Private tutoring of English and the contractual development of coursework materials for English language schools.
  Doctoral graduate in English
Employment target: Copy editing and proofreading, copy writing, and private tutoring in essay writing and effective English usage.

Single-session CVs/resumés

Employment target: Employment in Australia.
  Fitter Welder
Employment target: Employment in Australia.

Posted 21 April 2010. Last updated 17 February 2018.